In 2004, Lamia Cross, a Japanese singer/ song writer who is living in France since 1995, formed a duo with Fab, her French Guitarist. Together they create their unique style of music fused with the styles of Dance/ Metal. Infused with influences of old Japanese beauty such as poetry, and Heavy rock elements supplied by Fab on guitars.


Lamia mixes the languages: Japanese, English and French in her lyrics and sometimes sings in archaic Japanese.

Lamia Cross is demanded by several Game & Anime conventions and events around the whole of France, and in Europe, also in Morocco.

Their performances have also seen them play as opening act for Japanese bands such as Ra:In(Pata/Michiaki/DIE/Tetsu), Calmando Qual, Anli Pollicino, Loveless (Taizo/Nana Kitade).


At the end of 2012, Lamia Cross collaborates with another French-Japanese duo : Lutetia, formed with a violinist Natsumi Hara and a guitarist Guillaume Draipe. They made 5 songs Digital release in December, as a preview album which came on May 2013.


In 2016, Ludo, guitarist who has taken part in the composition of their early songs such as  « Inquisition » and « Hiroshima-ce jour là » joins the band.


Lamia :Vocals/Programming

Fab : Guitar

Ludo: Guitar

(Druid : 2004-2006 / 2008-2009)


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